Wednesday, January 25, 2017

dallas via snapchat

I spent last {long} weekend in Dallas visiting my sissy, Brittany!  We had so much fun, however we kind of dropped the ball when it came to taking pictures, but there's always time for a quick snap or two! So this will be a bit of a non-traditional post, and if you follow me on Snapchat I apologize for the duplication, but this way you'll get my lovely color commentary along with it!

I mean really though, XNA is such a joke - but I wouldn't trade it for the world! It is so nice to have an airport where you can check in, get through security, make it to your gate and have a glass of wine in hand all in the span of 15 minutes. It just cost a little too much to fly in and out of, if you ask me, but I won't get too greedy!
I loved that I could fly Friday night after work, and still get into Dallas with enough time to enjoy my evening with Britty - which definitely included more wine.
Currently reading: Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks - more on this in a later post, but if you're curious since you can't really tell by the above photo.

After a late wine night catching up, we definitely slept-in in Brittany's super cozy bed {I mean, I could devote an entire post to her beautiful little place}.  We eventually pulled ourselves together and out of PJs to hit the town for a girls day.  First stop: pedis.  I'm in love with my new toe color guys {and considering I look at nail polish all. day. long. you better take note} It's Essie's Wicked. Don't be turned off by the purple color in the bottle. It's like the deepest wine you can ever imagine, and it's edgy, and I {heart} it.
As soon as our toes were perfect, it was lunch time! Of course we ate Mexican and it was delish.  Once we had a little food in our belly, we decided it was time to shop! Britt took me to a couple of her favorite stores, and it was so much fun shopping in new boutiques. I mean -- pedicures, cheese dip, and shopping with your best girl -- does it get any better?

Saturday night we went out with a couple of Brittany's closest friends and it was so nice to get to meet them because I know how much she loves them!  It was a low key night, and we happened to snap the only photo that was gram-worthy from the whole weekend.  I would count that as a win!

Somehow Brittany always convinces me to do a work out class when I'm in town {not quite sure how this happens}! But I always enjoy them, even though they completely kill me because Brittany is beast-mode and in comparison I am kitty-mode.  We did a barre code class and I can just say I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  They may make it look super easy, I'll be the first to tell you, it's not. Anyone know of any barre code classes in NWA? I'd love to {attempt} to do it regularly!

After working out, and a healthy lunch at a fun salad bar in Dallas {can I mention that we have absolutely NO good salad restaurants in NWA, can someone fix this please?}, Sunday was all about watching the game. We went to a bar with a group of her friends to watch and had so much fun. So much fun that there isn't actually any photo evidence of Sunday at all, sorry - but that's the signs of a really good day // night, right?

After everything that was Sunday, we decided to take it easy Monday which was so nice.  Did a little bit more shopping, but mostly just rested, ate yummy food, laughed a lot, and watched TV.  This time with sweet Britty is priceless, y'all. It has been so long since we've had such good sister time, and I already can't wait to go back!

Luckily, my amazing Nana stayed at our house with Charlie so that we could have a great weekend away with no worries {since Blake was out of town at the Kansas City game}.  She sent many adorable pictures like the one above, and for that I am so very grateful.  There is nothing better than proof of life pictures - especially when they're as cute as this one!

And after such a fun weekend away, the reality of 5 AM always hits you hard, but kind of glad to be back to my early morning workouts with my momma {plus I'm sure I have a few extra calories to burn off}!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

twenty sixteen recap

Hi lovelies!

What better way to start 2017 than a 2016 recap{just a week or so late}? I thought so, too! I'll try to keep it short and sweet, but we had such a fun-filled year I apologize in advance if it's a long one!

January & February

I won't spend too much time on January & February, because we didn't actually get up to much. It was all about returning to the UK after a lovely trip home for the holidays.  We couldn't wait to get home to Charlie and give him all his Christmas goodies!  We had our first Rugby League experience, and the main thing I remember about it is being cold, maybe it wasn't for me! I guess it was just too cold to get up to much other than gymming, reading, and eating healthy - provides for a fairly boring couple of months, but a healthy refresh for the year no doubt!


Now March was a completely different type of month - cram packed with fun yet bittersweet moments.  The month started when Blake took me on a surprise trip to Copenhagen! It had been my dream to go to Copenhagen the entire time we lived in the UK, and so when I got to the airport I couldn't contain my excitement! It was super cold when we went, but we still enjoyed our weekend away to such a beautiful city. It was a trip I will never forget!  On my next to last weekend in the UK, Blake, Charlie and I snuck away to a cabin in the Dales {countryside} for the weekend. We went on a super long hike and I was so proud that Charlie stuck it out like such a big dog! We ate in a local pub and played board games in our cozy cabin. It was something we had wanted to do for a long time, and it was perfect!  I spent a good part of month saying goodbye to lovely friends {lucky Blake got two more months of fun before he had to say goodbye}. And I think I bought out Paperchase in order to leave a hidden card for Blake to find for every single occasion {first week away, second week away, when he flew Charlie home, our Anniversary, one month away, one week until our trip, and a sneaky little congratulations on a new job card since I knew he would find the perfect role back in the US before he did...} Saying goodbye to my little family of two and amazing friends was one of the hardest things I've done yet in this life, even if it was only for two months, and even if I was going home to so many great things - it was hard, and I'll just leave it at that.


I didn't have much time to be sad about things though, because as soon as April was here I hit the ground running and didn't look back! I had one weekend when I got back to get my life sorted out, and this included but was not limited to buying a new car!  I got to see so many friends and family that I had missed dearly.  We had a balloon release in honor of my Grandma Lou. I got to go to zumba with my momma regularly.  We bought a house {via FaceTime} in my dream neighborhood - Hyde Park! I got to see my little brother off to his Senior Prom - yes I just said senior prom, how did that happen? And I got bookooz of sweet baby time with my cousins {who also conveniently happen to be my neighbors}. And don't forget cocktails, many cocktails! April was the start of such a sweet time, and it really exemplified the reason(s) that NWA is my home, sweet, home!


And then there was May -- woah!  Where do I begin?  On the 3rd, Blake and I celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary apart. He was actually in Ireland with his sister on a trip that I would have been on too before our plans went a little crazy and I moved home early two months to start my dream job! I hope it's the last anniversary we spend apart, though. Meanwhile, I got to catch up with one of my oldest friends, Emily, when she came into town {just another perk of being stateside}. My mom was my co-pilot on a very important journey: we drove to Dallas and crashed with Brittany, and were able to squeeze in a spin class and lunch with our girl, and then we drove the rest of the way to Houston to pick up Charlie who was finally home. I promised him he never has to go back on an airplane in his whole life, if he doesn't want to, poor thing!  And then I jetted off to Athens to meet up with my love and his parents. Not everyone can say they turned 26 in Greece, but I'm one of the lucky ones! We boarded a cruise after a couple amazing days in Athens. We had a turkish bath experience, rode a ferry to Capri, rode donkeys to the top of an acropolis, sipped cocktails on Grecian islands, explored many gardens and ancient cities, ate birthday flan, and so many more memories I couldn't even begin to list out.  We ended the month in one of Blake's favorite cities {Rome} where we bought the first piece of art for our new home from a street vendor who we had visited the previous year.


We spent the first day of June in beautiful Tuscany and ended it in Pisa, and if that's not a perfect day, I don't know what is!  We visited vineyards in Marseilles and I fell in love with the South of France, and continued my love affair with wine.  We had to get off of the ship sometime, and I don't think Barcelona is a bad place to do just that.  We soaked it up for a few days before our glorious trip had officially come to an end.  Say goodbye to two week vacations, for like ever! Blake and I traveled back separately, and after having a near death experience when my plane all but exploded, I couldn't have been happier to be home on solid ground. Charlie was pretty happy when we got to pick up his dad at the airport for good!  We celebrated my Momma's birthday with some of our favorite girls at a Zumba class {what else} and a brunch, so much fun! Blake and I lived with my mom for a couple weeks until our home was move-in-ready, so there was a lot of puppy snuggling and we soaked up every second!  And last, but not least, it was Blake's turn for a new car {which after returning from a  1,918 mile journey around the US for Christmas, I can officially say we really enjoy his new ride}!


We spent the Fourth of July at my Aunt & Uncle's annual party and had a blast! We trialed Hello Fresh & Green Chef {reviews here} because it was time to get our lives together after our journey around Europe!  We finally got living room furniture in, so it didn't feel like we were living in an empty house! And we went to our first amp concerts: Weezer & Chris Stapleton {now isn't that a combo if I've ever heard one - obviously not the same concert people!}


We were back at the Amp in August to see Kevin Hart with friends, and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!  All of our friends got together to throw a surprise birthday party for Mike and it was so much fun! It felt like we were in college again - partying it up on Dickson! My bros came to town and hanging out with them gets even better as they grow up {can anyone believe Zach started college this year? I mean..!} We celebrated baby Brooks' first birthday {these are the little things that make being back home so sweet}. And we did a little bit of decorating on the house, even though we are still not finished yet, I feel like I spent my entire August in and out of Homegoods {Blake would agree with this statement}


September was all about Birthdays and Vegas, in one way or another it seems.  Blake went to Vegas with his guys for fantasy football things and his birthday.  While he was out of town I did a complete renovation of his office and I'm super happy with the results! It's the front room of our house so I really wanted it to be neat. My favorite touch is the framed pictures on the wall - these are all pictures he took while in Europe over the past three years.  Not too much later, I left for Vegas on a girls trip to celebrate my little sister, Ellie's, 21st birthday in style! I had so much fun prepping for this trip and spoiling Ellie for her birthday, down to the handmade 'birthday suit' swim suit. I've already posted about Vegas so I'll keep it short, but basically it was a blast!

October & November

I feel like fall time is all about enjoying football, family, and getting ready for Christmas {don't you agree?} We went to a few Razorback football games which were extra fun, one time we even got to go down on the field before the game which was a cool experience {our friends hooked us up for sure!}  At some point in October I tried my hand at some art. It was one of those moments when every piece I like looks so simple that someone would say 'I could totally do that myself'...well I think I might leave it to the professionals going forward, but at least I can say I tried!  Halloween happened, of course, but it was pretty laid back for us. Us girls got together to take some pictures and it was a lot of fun {I mean, who doesn't love a photo shoot - especially when your sisters and mom are that stunning}! In November, we had a fun day with the Garners. We rode the old train down to Van Buren {which was an experience in and of itself} and while we were there we completed our first Escape Room.  It was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again with friends! Who's up for it?


Oh December, you are my favorite and will always be my favorite! We started the month out with a fun trip with friends to Kansas City to celebrate Andy and Beam's birthdays. So. Much. Fun!
I had the best time decorating the house for Christmas this year and maybe went a little over board on my wrapping, but what is Christmas for if it's not for going overboard? I also realized, as I was pulling this little collage together, that I did a horrible job taking pictures during the entire month, because above only captures equivalent to a drop in the ocean of all of the memories made! We went to many holiday parties and even more Christmas celebrations: my sisters and I cooked the Christmas meal for the Garners, we hosted the Herrens at our house this year, we went to my Moms for Christmas celebration, we drove down to Russelville to celebrate with my Schalk family, we drove to Tennessee to celebrate with Blake's family, and we ended our travels in Ohio to celebrate NYE with Blake's cousins - basically we DID Christmas, y'all! It was so much fun and I'm already looking forward to next year!

Okay, as expected this was entirely too long, so if you've made it to this point I'm extremely impressed - and if you didn't, that's okay I don't think I would have either. Talk to you soon - and I promise it will be a much shorter chat.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

vegas baby

Let's just pretend I didn't disappear from the blogging world for two whole months {yikes}!

So it all started with this little girl {who's not so little anymore}

A few months ago I started thinking -- what do you get your little sister who is about to turn 21 and enter the most fun year of her life yet?!? I decided on a box of goodies that will help her get ready for our Vegas trip.  I was browsing the aisles of Homegoods on my weekly trip and stumbled across this 'pretty little things' box and just knew it was perfect! I had so much fun shopping for every last thing to fill it up {and let me tell you - it's a bigger box than I originally realized!}

After gifts were exchanged and bags were packed {boy were they} there was nothing left to do but meet up with all my favorite girls and get to Vegas.  We had some rough interesting flights, but we made it safe and sound, we just might have felt sick even though the weekend hadn't even begun. We met up with sweet Britty in the Vegas airport and our group was finally complete!  When we first got in, it was a little early to check in, so we decided to partake in a little bit of shopping {maybe better than just losing our money to a slot machine, right?} And then back to the beautiful Delano just in time to get ready for dinner {which is an event with four girls getting ready in one bathroom, let me tell you!}

Night one we went to dinner at Aureole in Mandalay Bay.  We were back and forth so much before the trip on where we would eat the first night, but I'm so glad we made the right decision {which my lovely Aunt Monica had said from the beginning}! There are wine angels at Aureole that go up to get down really expensive bottles {we obviously were just there to watch this part, not participate} but the food was really good! And the company was even better :)
After dinner we had a table at Sky Fall, one of the prettiest sights in all of Vegas because you can see the entire strip from what feels like the top of the world.  This was the 22nd and Ellie didn't turn 21 until midnight.  I made a rookie mistake and tried to ask our nice {or so I thought} waitress if she would honor Arkansas time so that Ellie didn't have to sit and stare at us drink for 2 hours, which immediately led to us all but getting kicked out {whoops!} But not before we snagged one skyline picture {bottom right} even though you can barely see the gorgeous view.  Memories I guess, just not the ones we'd thought we'd be making.  After that whole ordeal and a long day of travel, us girls decided to call it a night while the aunts {moms} went out to do a little gambling, of course.

I am so glad we decided to rest up because it helped us get extra ready for our very first pool day {my absolute favorite part of any Vegas trip, hands down}.  I'm super proud of my DIY 'Birthday Suit' for Ellie!  She had loved a picture of one of her friends in a similar suit, so of course I spent a month trying to make it happen for her.  I searched high and low and there were only super high cut, scandalous, Baywatch style options {which no one really looks good in}.  So I did my best to find a black one piece and got an Etsy shop to custom the iron on letters and did my first iron transfer {literally the night before, because there's nothing like the last minute}, but I love the final product, and more importantly Ellie did too! And yes, those are double mimosas in those Mandalay cups, don't you worry about how many were consumed...

After a wonderful pool day, came an even better birthday dinner at Lavo. This was my recommendation, so I was really nervous how it would go down, but everyone raved about their food the entire weekend -- so definitely mark it as a success! And of course we took a limo down the strip to dinner, is there any other way? Not with Moni Sue there isn't.  The silly picture {bottom left} was not found until the end of the weekend when we were all sharing our pictures from our phones, and it actually explained quite a lot about why Night Two was almost the death of me.  I didn't actually make it to Tao, but luckily {before the double mimosas and pitchers of cocktails had hit me} I had coordinated a really fun night that Ellie and Brittany got to enjoy {who doesn't love hours of free drinks at a Vegas night club on your 21st?} But Jaclyn was nice enough to go back to the room with me, because Vegas had definitely won.

It might have been a rough night for a couple of us {not mentioning any names} but the next day brought a beautiful pool day, and no one was complainin'! I think I might have enjoyed this day even more than the first.  I avoided the screwdrivers and just stuck to mimosas which might have had something to do with it :) And we discovered the chicken finger platter which is like manna from heaven {because we only eat chicken fingers Vegas poolside, duh}. All in all - a great last pool day with some extra pretty ladies!

And we ended our trip at the fabulous Mesa Grill by Bobby Flay in Caesars Palace. The food was just to die. Oh, and I almost forgot, Brittany got to stay an extra night! Originally she was supposed to leave after our pool time, but she got a call that someone could cover her shift and we said YES! We watched our Razorbacks lose a heart breaker in Caesars sports book, and we lost a little money ourselves in the casino - oh well.

And just like that, we were saying goodbye to one of our favorite places.  Just look at how pretty our hotel was - I mean words can't even describe.  The girls {except for me and Elle} had been there before and had tried to explain how amazing, but you just can't.  Words don't do it justice.  I won't go on and on because the Delano deserves an entire post {I'll spare you the details} all I can do is recommend it and hope like crazy that I get the chance to go back.  From the vanilla scent flowing through the air, to the amazing decor that I wanted to steal every last piece of and transport it to 706 Chancery Lane, to the hand written quote mirror, to the extra large luxurious suites - you won't get any better anywhere in this city - trust me!

Until next time pretty...

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

green chef

This post will be short and sweet, but I promised an update on Green Chef {and I'm nothing if not a woman of my word, right?}

So, long story short, we love it!  I have indefinitely paused Hello Fresh {until Green Chef tries to make us a mushroom dish, then they're out for the week!}

Here's what we had last week:


I know I know, I stole the picture from the website because in my starving haste I forgot to snap a pic of the final product.  However, not lying, ours looked nearly identical {we even have a similar table}. This was delicious! The BBQ sauce was peach based, and I know that sounds weird, but it was perfect.  And I'm a sucker for corn bread of any variety.


I know this one might not look as appetizing, but don't let the bad iPhone image fool you!  We had never tried baby pattypan squash before and now I'm sad we've been missing out for so long - if you haven't had them either, you need to incorporate them into your next set of veggies, ASAP!


And last, but not least, my favorite meal from the week and definitely one we will repeat whenever we're feeling fancy!  Blake made this one for me for Sunday brunch and it hit. the. spot!

This is what we have to look forward to {being delivered today}:

I think I'm most excited for the Smoky Zucchini Corn Cakes {yum!} and least excited for the Tofu Parmesan because I'm not the biggest tofu fan {however Blake loves him so tofu}.  I definitely need to incorporate more tofu into my diet, so maybe this will be the winning dish!

So, why would anyone pay $15 more dollars a week for Green Chef when they can get Hello Fresh? Good question! I'll do my best to answer it, after one week's experience...

  • Everything from Green Chef is organic and whole ingredients {where as Hello Fresh has about 5% or less organic ingredients, as far as we've seen}
  • Green Chef caters to any diet: paleo, vegan, vegetarian, regular carnivore, gluten free, etc. {I can see this being so helpful if you're new to a gluten free diet, or trying out veggie like us!}
  • The recipes are slightly more gourmet then Hello Fresh {also only one week sample, and future menus, but so far there's been more next level recipes}
  • Slightly larger portions {this might not necessarily be a positive, but it's definitely a fact}
  • The recipes are not boxed together as in Hello Fresh {which I love} however they are clearly labeled with color-coded stickers that are super easy to group together and grab when you're ready to cook that recipe {similar to Blue Apron, if you're familiar with this service}

If you are interested in trying out Green Chef, you can get 4 free meals using this link! Give it a try and let me know what you think! Okay, I'll stop spamming you now!

Happy cooking!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

lots to catch up on

The title speaks for itself...

I will try to get through a quick catch up of our {new} every day life as painlessly as possible!

First things first, this guy flew home for good, so of course {despite the late arrival time} Charlie and I were at the airport to welcome him home!

We got to attend sweet little Emmy's first dance recital, and I was just beside myself with the cuteness!

We celebrated my mom's birthday in June with a full class of Zumba {of course} and the ladies we love! So much fun!

I finally move home and my sister {Brittany} becomes a legit Texas resident #sadface - except I'm so very proud and happy for her!

We had an amazing time celebrating our first Fourth back stateside at my Aunt and Uncle's annual party! Love any special time with Ellie and the kiddos {and Blake too, but I see him a lot more often}

These precious boys have gotten so much closer over the last couple months {if that was even possible} because we have found an amazing day care for Charlie at my mom's! I know it won't last forever, but it's been the best transition for him from the UK where he was living the sweet life.  Even though I think he's pretty happy to spend his days with his Momcy and uncle Beau.  He's a happy puppy, which makes me a happy momma!

Blake and I got to have a lovely double date day {scorching heat and all} with our friend's Travis and Jamie at the LPGA tour and it was so much fun! I love living in a community where all of this stuff is going on at all times, so much to do!

We had a fun day at work a couple weeks ago and got to go to Junque to Jewels for a little team bonding day with the girls.  I loved making my K door hanger, and all of the girls did a great job on their projects.  It was so much fun and I already can't wait to go back to J2J and make something else!

Blake and I attended our first ever Amp concerts {I now feel like we're officially NWA residents} to see Weezer.  Happy husband, happy life, right?  I was just happy to be sipping on my BLL {bud light lime for you less avid fans}

We also became happy customers of Hello Fresh recently and have really enjoyed it {it's fun for the whole family, especially when Charlie gets to chew on some corn on the cob}  I love the whole system, it makes cooking so much easier and it's always something new and exciting.  Blake's only complaint is that the veg isn't organic.  So, while sitting at the above mentioned concert {the opener was Panic! at the Disco, enough said} I enrolled us in a new program - Green Chef.  This new food delivery service is completely organic which is super exciting for geeks like Blake {I guess geek is the wrong word for an uber health conscious person, but if the shoe fits...} Anyways, a good review to follow on which service we prefer!

You may or may not have noticed that this post is suspiciously lacking in house pictures.  This is on purpose! I'm not ready to show you just yet, so be patient and there will be a house post coming soon - I promise!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

european vaca recap

I know, I know - all of you hated me during the two weeks of our travels throughout Europe, because I blew up Facebook.  So many apologies, because that's super annoying, but it was the easiest way to just keep everyone updated and not have to do one massive post at the end of the trip - nobody wants that!  But, now that we're about a month out of the trip, I thought it would be fun to do a quick recap!

And it Begins...

We started our trip out in Athens for the weekend before boarding our cruise.  There was a bit of a hiccup with Blake missing his flight {which we were intended to be on together} and not getting into Athens until 4 am, when we had to wake up for our first tour at 8 am the next day {also known as, my birthday}. But we won't talk about that...
We did a mythological tour on Sunday, visiting the famous Acropolis and did a food tour on Monday {which was much better in my opinion, but then again, I like my food!} One of the best parts was sitting on the rooftop of our hotel and playing games and drinking wine {P.S. greek wine isn't the best, but we survived} with Blake's parents.

Cruise Time

Port One: Izmir, Turkey

This was a surprise port, the original port got pulled due to security issues {insert scared of ISIS emoji} and this one was added at the last minute, so Blake and his dad made the plans for this one - and they planned for us to go to a historical Turkish Bath.  I was like, yeah I love spas, why not. Hahahahaha If you've been to a Turkish Bath you will understand, otherwise I can't even explain the awkwardness and hilarity to you.  But we made it! I also got served surprise birthday dessert flan that night, I promise I didn't pose with my food every night!

Port Two: Rhodes

This might have been one of the prettiest ports {I don't know there's some tough competition, but at least in the top 5!} We mostly just soaked in the beautiful scenery and we rode some donkeys to the acropolis {it's a Greek city, of course there's an "acropolis"}.  Back on the boat we had a lovely dinner, I drank a cocktail the size of my head {with some help}, and my in-laws won the beer pong tournament. If that doesn't make for the perfect night, I don't know what does!

Sea Day

Sea Day! This means my day started with steak and eggs and ended with lobster, you can't complain really {sorry vegetarian-ism, no chance on this trip!}  And I think we cleaned up pretty well, if I do say so myself.  

Port Three: Malta

Another beautiful city with so much history! We did a silly Carnival tour {which we swore to never do again} but it still didn't take away from the fun had in Malta.  Ending the day with another lovely dinner, of course.

Port Four: Sicily

And another one up there on the pretty scale, we visited the towns of Taormina and Castelmola and fell in love with Italy all over again! swoon

Port Five: Naples

I guess it's pointless to continue to point out the beauty, it's everywhere! We took a ferry from Naples to Capri, then a ferry to Sorrento, then back to Naples.  I love a good ferry ride, so this port was one of my favorites!

Port Six: Rome

Blake and I had been to Rome once before, so it's not as much picture overload as it was the first time round! We had an amazing day though, showing Craig and Debbie around one of our favorite cities.  We ate at a restaurant that was literally never ending pasta, wine, and dessert - you can't beat that! We actually got to visit the Trevi Fountain this time, not under construction! And we bought some art for our new house that will always mean so much to us!

Port Seven: Tuscany

We visited both Florence and Pisa while in Tuscany, and they blew us away.  One of our favorite days for sure.  Everyone is correct in saying that Pisa is underwhelming, but it's still worth that perfect picture! Florence on the other hand is drop dead gorgeous!  We also had our second formal night, but we were so exhausted from a fun day we took way less pictures, and somehow managed to get zero group shots!

Port Eight: Marseilles

Hands down my favorite port, by far! We did winery tours in Marseilles and it was wonderful.  We had some free time between vineyards in a little fisherman's village and we tried out the local cuisine, mussels and frites, not my favorite but I'm so glad I tried something new {this doesn't always happen in the food department}! The scenery was beautiful, the wine was amazing, and the company wasn't too bad either.

It had to come to an end sometime: Barcelona

They always say, save the best for last, and they sure did! My only complaint about Barcelona is that I was too exhausted from the long two weeks of non-stop travel and fun, that I couldn't fully soak up the wonderful-ness that it had to offer!  We saw the classics, like Sagrada Familia, we enjoyed the beautiful weather, visited the famous market once or twice, ate all the paella, and drank a bucket of beer or two.  It was a fabulous end to the most amazing trip.

Take me back, take me back, take me back!!